The officer in pursuit’s narration is priceless.

What you’re about to see is not only entertaining but also a major contrast between police officers in the US and the UK. The West Midlands Police posted this video of an officer chasing a stolen Porsche 911 GT3. More specifically, it’s a 996 GT3. The thieves believe they’re getting away but only because the pursuing officer kept his flashers off. Once realizing a theft was indeed taking place (and seeing the guy drove through a red light), the officer turned on his lights and went into full pursuit mode.

All the while he’s very casually narrating the whole ordeal. He’s totally calm and clearly enjoying himself, quite the contrast to some of his US counterparts. And because it’s a GT3 and the roads are slick, the thief is “struggling for traction.”

He’s fully aware the police are in pursuit so he hits the gas. That proves to be a major mistake, especially as he enters a roundabout. He soon spins out and is left with few options, though he still tries to get away even when two police cars block him in place and then tried to ram his way out. It didn’t work. One of the officers smashes the window and tasers the guy, now identified as 34-year-old Lee Smythe.

Smythe has since admitted to aggravated vehicle theft, dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, and firearms possession, in this case, pepper spray. In the UK, pepper spray is classified as a firearm.



He’s since been jailed for 16 months. One of the arresting officers said, “We had to stop him quickly as he was an accident waiting to happen. It was a good job – to have him locked up little more than two hours after the Porsche was reported stolen was a great effort.”

As for the car, it’s clearly suffered some damage, but aside from busted glass, some dents and scratches, and likely damage to the wheels and suspension, it’s still mostly in one piece. But no matter – no one was injured, the car can be fixed, and the pursuing officer kept his cool the entire time.