VW says that range anxiety is “a thing of the past” and wants the ID.4 to prove it.

It’s been described by some as the most important new Volkswagen since the Golf. Yes, the new ID.4 electric crossover is a big deal and will be key in helping VW conquer Tesla on the sales charts in the near future.

With the right badge, a spacious cabin, and sleek looks, the only thing potentially holding the ID.4 back is its range of 250 miles and the gradually decreasing but still significant amount of buyers who are hesitant to purchase an EV. Notably, the Tesla Model Y has a much better range of up to 326 miles. To help convert more conservative VW loyalists, the German marque is embarking on a cross-country road trip with the ID.4.

Front View DrivingVolkswagen

Front ViewVolkswagen

Rear View DrivingVolkswagen

The goal, of course, is to prove that the ID.4 is a viable purchasing choice in a country where racking up the miles is quite easy to do. This 6,000-mile trip will start in New York City on March 13 and, 18 days later, it’s scheduled to end in Sacramento, California. Some simple math indicates that with its 250-mile range, the ID.4 would need to be recharged a minimum of 24 times to complete the journey.

“We’re excited to get on the road and show the true capability of the ID.4,” said a confident Dustin Krause, Director of e-Mobility, VW of America. He said that range anxiety is “a thing of the past” and aimed to prove that extended trips in an EV can be both easy and cost-effective. Helping the ID.4’s cause will be the more than 550 Electrify America charging stations in the country.

The ID.4, which begins at $39,995 before a potential federal tax credit of up to $7,500, is sold with free DC fast charging at any Electrify America station for three years. Along the 6,000-mile journey, the ID.4 will stop in locations including Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, and San Diego. This drive will be documented along the way.

VW’s trip isn’t entirely unlike what Audi did last year when an e-tron hauled a 4,000-pound trailer on a 504-mile trip. Whether it’s proving that electric cars can tow effectively or cover longer distances without any worry, automakers are doing all they can to win over customers before the internal combustion engine vanishes completely. Deliveries of the new ID.4 will get underway this month.