Take your Taco to the next level.

As America’s best-selling midsize pickup, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma rolls into the new model year with minimal changes, although a noteworthy Trail Edition has been added to the mix. Toyota has yet to confirm when a new model will arrive, but it’s doing all it can to keep the current one relevant with off-road performance parts. To this end, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) will now offer a lift kit as a nationwide dealer-installed option. Unlike the Tacoma trailer shown at SEMA, you can actually buy this kit.

The suspension kit is available for 2020-and-newer Tacoma models and adds a two-inch front and one-inch rear lift on most V6-powered 4×4 examples. This kit was designed and tested by TRD’s engineers, meaning it is the only lift-kit for the Tacoma that is verified as fully compatible with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) system.

Toyota says the new monotube Bilstein shocks are the key to the kit, adding digressive valving for better on- and off-road control. Each shock (pictured below) includes new TRD red dust boots and “Tuned by TRD” graphics. The coil spring position on the shock tube is adjusted to sit two inches higher than stock, while the extended rebound stroke also provides additional suspension travel.

As for the rear shocks, they feature a larger shock body that houses additional oil volume, helping to dissipate heat and improve damping response. By adding larger rear shocks, Toyota was also able to install larger piston rods for increased strength. Cast-iron spacers are also included to raise the rear by one inch.

With this kit installed, Toyota says the frame ground clearance increases by 1.7 inches. The kit improves the approach angle by 3.1 inches, breakover angle by 1.6 inches, and departure angle by half an inch. Toyota also bundles in a TRD Pro-inspired front grille with “TOYOTA” lettering across it. The grille is specifically designed to accommodate the TSS system’s millimeter-wave sensor and camera support bracket.

All of the necessary hardware is included for $1,350, not including four to five hours of estimated labor. This kit is only offered as a dealer-installed option, including a three-year/36,000-mile warranty (if installed before or during the sale). Toyota says all V6-powered 4×4 models should be compatible. Double Cab Long Bed, TRD Pro, 2WD, and four-cylinder models are not.