It’s still on track to arrive in 2023.

The current sixth-generation Ford Mustang has been with us since 2015 and only got a refresh back in 2018. As such, the community has been waiting with bated breath to hear news of what the seventh-gen model will be like. Reports have been conflicting, but pretty much everyone can agree that it’ll be codenamed the S650. Following the arrival of this new version, likely as a 2023 model, the Mustang will then go all-electric in 2028. But with such a radical change coming so soon, it’s likely that the S650 stop-gap will not be all-new but rather a heavily revised version of the current generation. We don’t know much more, but thanks to LinkedIn, we can confirm who will pen the design.



Working under Chief Engineer Mike Celentino, Aiden Chang-Il Lee will be in charge of drawing the new ‘Stang, which will likely carry many of the styling cues seen on the controversial Mustang Mach-E. The man has a pretty good resume, having formerly held the positions of Creative Interior Designer at General Motors, Interior Designer at FCA, and Industrial Design Intern at Studio F.A. Porsche. Between his internship and his FCA role, he was at Ford before, working on the interior of the Chinese version of the Ford Taurus and the exterior of the 2017 Ford Fiesta. The Korean has now been returned to Dearborn as Senior Designer at Ford Design.

Rear View DrivingFord

Front View DrivingFord

With such impressive credentials, we have no doubt that he will do his best to bring the design of the Mustang further forward while still keeping die-hard fans of the icon’s retro design appeased with a few classic touches. His job will not be all that easy, however, as he will need to keep that future electric Mustang in mind. Still, as his LinkedIn profile states, the man is calm and confident, so we have faith that he’ll do a sterling job. No matter what he does, there’ll still be those who hate what he does with it, but whatever the next ‘Stang looks like, we’re just glad it’ll still have a V8, for now at least.