Mercedes will initially preview Smart’s first-ever SUV as a concept.

Smart may no longer sell cars in the US, but the company lives on in Europe. Since Geely acquired a 50 percent stake, Smart has been reinvented into an electric-only brand. The Smart brand is associated with compact city cars like the funky ForTwo, but we’ve known for a while the company is building its first-ever SUV to tap into the popular subcompact SUV market.

Last year, Smart’s vice president of global sales, Daniel Lescow, confirmed that Smart’s first SUV will go on sale in 2022. Before then, Autocar reports the electric compact SUV will be previewed by a concept at the Munich motor show in September.



This will be the first Smart model jointly developed by Mercedes and Geely. Mercedes will design the SUV, while Geely will handle development and production.

Details are scarce as Smart hasn’t released any official information or teaser images of the concept SUV, but Lescow has given us an idea of what to expect from the production model. Visually, Smart’s SUV will be similar in size to the Mini Cooper Hardtop. Measuring around 13 feet long, it will be a lot larger than the ForTwo both inside and out. It will also reportedly be offered with FWD, RWD, or AWD. We suspect it could be similarly packaged to the 2012 Smart ForStars concept pictured below.

Just don’t expect to do any serious off-roading in the AWD version, because the SUV is designed for city driving like the ForTwo. Riding on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture, the Smart SUV will reportedly be powered by a rear-mounted electric motor and lithium-ion battery providing a range of around 311 miles based on China’s NEDC test cycle, making it ideal for city driving. Production will take place in China alongside the successors to the EQ Fortwo and EQ Forfour.

After the concept debuts in September, Smart’s SUV will go on sale in China and Europe, but we’re not expecting it to come to America.