It’ll be a sharp-looking thing with big power to play with.

Maserati is undergoing something of a renaissance, finally building a successor to the Enzo-beating MC12 with the MC20 supercar. It’s also been working on new variants of more everyday vehicles, like the GranTurismo. Furthermore, the brand is moving into the future by embracing electrification going forward. One of the vehicles that we’ve been keeping a close eye on is the all-new Grecale SUV. This smaller SUV will slot in beneath the Levante and be underpinned by the Giorgio platform – the same one underpinning the incisive Giulia and Stelvio from Alfa Romeo. This means it should handle like a dream, and with the likelihood of that 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 being offered, it’ll go like stink too. But how will it look? We think it’ll look pretty sharp.





We first got a sneaky look at the SUV in September last year and have since seen a teaser directly from Maserati too. Based on these images, our rendering artists put digital pen to pixelated paper to give us this imagining of the production version. As usual, we expect a concave multi-slat grille to dominate the front fascia, along with sharp LED headlights. We’ve also included a GTS-style bumper and vents, although base models of the Grecale will likely look a little tamer. The rounded front fenders will certainly feature a trio of trademark vents too, while the hood will be tautly creased and could feature a pair of vents.

Front View DrivingMaserati

Rear Angle ViewMaserati

Front Angle ViewMaserati

We expect a variety of attention-grabbing wheel designs, likely in 18-21 inch sizing. The C-pillar will also surely feature Maserati’s trident badge for maximum exoticism of aesthetics. A subtle roof-mounted spoiler should complete the look along with multiple exhaust exits in a faux diffuser. As we mentioned earlier, V6 engine options will be the most attractive and will be offered with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission. A 2.0-liter turbo-four could also be offered at the lower end of the range, but with Maserati electrifying its entire range in the next half-decade, these should be quite punchy too, and we expect plug-in variants to arrive as well. We just hope that Maserati uses this newfound enthusiasm for its own cars to pen the prettiest small SUV around.



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