The new hybrid McLaren is coming soon.

Back in October McLaren revealed that it was working on a new hybrid supercar to replace the current 570S and 600LT. Camouflaged prototypes have been seen, and leaked patent designs have given us a clear understanding of what the car would look like, and now we finally have a release date for the company’s first high-performance hybrid series production car. The following promotional poster reveals that the Artura will be revealed to the world on February 17. The poster asks one to RSVP to the event, which will take place in Guangzhou City, northwest of Hong Kong. An online reveal event will doubtless accompany this.




Front ViewMcLaren

The Artura comes at a pivotal time in the history of the automobile, with many leading brands moving away from the internal combustion engine in favor of electric power. The UK government recently announced that it would be banning the sale of combustion engines by 2030, with McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt stating that the company hoped to have an all-electric supercar on the market by the end of the decade. The Artura would be one of the first steps towards moving to an all-electric future and is McLaren’s second ever hybrid car after the ultra-exclusive Speedtail.

Front View DrivingMcLaren

Rear View DrivingMcLaren

The Artura will make use of a completely new platform and will be powered by a combination of a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor expected to produce over 600 horsepower. This is a clear step away from the company’s usual reliance on V8 engines. The Artura will be able to do short city trips on all-electric power for added convenience. McLaren is yet to announce pricing for its new baby hybrid, but we expect it to fall in line with the brand’s current pricing for its entry-level cars. With the official debut only 16 days away, we cannot wait to see the latest British supercar in the flesh.