The EV manufacturer just bumped up prices and pushed back delivery dates on the 1,100-hp+ performance sedan.

Tesla is forever in the news headlines for various reasons, two of the latest being its misunderstood claims of self-driving tech, and its radical new yoke steering wheel, which has been causing quite the commotion on social media. The latest news to come from the California-based manufacturer has to do with what is possibly the hottest electric car right now, and one of the most potent: the Tesla Model S Plaid+. The Plaid was first revealed back in September of 2020 with insane power outputs and a hefty $119,990 price tag and was recently updated with a 520-mile Plaid Plus option. But just when you thought that Tesla was done causing a stir, it ups the price of its flagship performer by $10,000 and is making buyers wait even longer to get hands on it.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is yet to be released but was expected to begin deliveries later this year. At its reveal, the Plaid+ was priced at a reasonable $139,990, but the latest increase of nearly $10k has placed it closer to its arch-nemesis the Porsche Taycan Turbo. This is of course only a starting price – new owners who go for the most expensive paint option (Red Multi-Coat), the Full Self-Driving Package, larger wheels, and the white interior can expect to pay up to $167,490, which makes it significantly more expensive than the impressive Audi RS e tron GT which will set you back $139,900. We also noticed that the estimated delivery date has changed from “Late 2021” to “Mid 2022”. The delay could be due to the integration of new battery and motor tech, or perhaps this is just a typical case of Tesla over-promising and under-delivering.

Despite the significant price increase, it is doubtful that Tesla will be worried about this move affecting sales. After all, the Model S Plaid is already a serious performance bargain; not only does it offer practicality and space for up to five passengers, but the performance figures are mind-boggling. The Model S Plaid+ offers the quickest 0-60 mph and quarter-mile times of any production car ever (0-60 in under 1.99 seconds and the quarter in under 9 seconds) and boasts a power output of over 1,100 horsepower. We’d glady pay $150k for Bugatti-level power… if we had $150k, that is.