The automaker is trying to make amends.

Last week, the heavily refreshed 2021 Tesla Model S and Model X were revealed to near-universal praise, with the exception of the yoke steering wheel that could well be a potential safety risk. Weird half steering wheel aside, the updated vehicles are reportedly already showing signs of improved sales after a multi-year decline, according to Electrek.

The cheaper and feature-packed Model 3 and Model Y stole some sales away from both flagship models. This recent Model S and Model X sales spike hasn’t been seen since the launch of the Model S P100D with the Ludicrous model four years ago.

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t released any sales numbers so far, but there’s a related problem it must now contend with. CEO Elon Musk admitted during an earnings conference call last month that the new Model S “will be $10,000 more” than the one sold through December. Also that month, Tesla shut down the production lines at Fremont but still kept taking orders for both vehicles, and the old Model S pricing was as low as $69,420.

It turns out Tesla had no plans to deliver those vehicles at those prices. Buyers who placed orders during the shutdown period will not be getting the Model S or Model X advertised at the time but rather the refreshed and more expensive versions.

That means paying at least an additional $10k, which is quite a chunk of change. But as Musk noted during that call, the new Model S is “probably the best car of any kind at any price available in the world today.” Those customers will be getting a much-improved vehicle than what they initially intended. Still, the pricing situation isn’t fair and many have been voicing their justified frustrations. Tesla has heard them loud and clear and just approved a $2,000 price adjustment.

Whether that amount will be enough to satisfy customers still paying at least $8,000 more than originally planned remains to be seen.