It’s one of seven new EVs that the brand will launch by 2027.

Kia’s electrification plans were put into sharper focus last month when the Korean automaker teased nine new electric vehicles, along with a simplified naming convention that will see these EVs being called EV 1 to EV 9. One of these EVs is likely to be the Kia CV – CV is its code name – which has a dramatic design that was inspired by the Imagine concept. Unlike the Niro and Soul EVs, the CV will be a more upscale product and is set to share the Porsche Taycan’s 800-volt battery system. It now looks like the all-new CV will show its face before the end of this month prior to a July domestic launch.

This latest bit of information was reported by The Korean Car Blog via another Korean publication, Top Rider. Last year, some of the CV’s performance details came to light and they look seriously impressive. It will have a range of 310 miles – although this is based on the European WLTP cycle – and will be capable of being charged from 20-80 percent in about 20 minutes, making use of the 350-kW fast-charging network known as IONITY. A high-performance variant of the CV should be capable of reaching 60 mph in less than three seconds, making it far quicker than any other existing production Kia model.

Like the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5, the new Kia CV will be underpinned by the Hyundai Motor Group’s Electric-Globular Modular Platform (E-GMP). In fact, it will be the first Kia to utilize the dedicated EV platform, whereas prior vehicles like the Soul EV were based on cars with conventional platforms and internal combustion engines. Along with allowing for fast charging times and high-performance EV models, E-GMP will also enable two-way charging. This setup can, for instance, enable one EV to charge another or power devices like a 55-inch TV for up to a full day. In total, Kia aims to bring seven new battery-electric vehicles to the market by 2027, so the CV is just the beginning.

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