All you’ll hear is the wind rushing through your hair.

The Porsche Taycan family just grew with the arrival of the Taycan Cross Turismo. It offers more practicality, a unique wagon body style, and even some off-road capability over the regular Taycan. While this move isn’t surprising considering that the Panamera spawned the Panamera Sport Turismo, what would be surprising is a Taycan drop-top.

According to an Autocar report, product boss Stefan Weckbach confirmed that this is one of several new Taycan body styles that could become a reality. A less rugged wagon and a two-door Taycan are also possible.

Porsche’s current convertible lineup includes the 718 Boxster and the 911 Carrera Cabriolet. Considering the size of the Taycan sedan, a Taycan convertible would likely be far bigger than the 718 and 911. It could perhaps rival the posh Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class cabriolets, but with electric-only power and sportier driving dynamics. Weckbach said that a Taycan drop-top is possible but not before the company evaluates whether there’d be a demand for such a product.

The more luxury-oriented Taycan wagon – without the Taycan Cross Turismo’s raised suspension and Gravel Mode – makes more sense.

Volvo, for instance, offers the posh V60 along with the more rugged V60 Cross Country, providing a wagon body style for two different customer types. “I can’t tell you today if we are really going for something like that,” said Weckbach of a new on-road-biased Taycan wagon, although he didn’t take the idea off the table entirely. He did, however, acknowledge the Taycan’s platform is ideal “for future additional product ideas.”

As for a two-door Taycan, it’d be a great alternative to the hybridized Polestar 1. While the incrementally improving but familiar 911 remains the core of Porsche’s lineup – although not the best-selling – the newer Taycan leaves more room for experimentation. We’d love to see one or all of these Taycan models get the green light.

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Autocar UK