It’s not your average camouflage wrap.

The intersection between the art and automotive worlds is nothing new. What better than a mobile canvas to showcase one’s creativity, after all? Last year, a London artist created a tattooed version of the Lexus UX, but the latest artistic UX is something altogether different. This winner of the UX Art Car design competition in Spain is called “Zen Garden”, and it’s not hard to see why. The design was inspired by Japanese meditation gardens, which is why this special UX’s entire body is covered in thousands of paper petals.

This design, completed by Valencia’s Clap Studio, came out on top from a selection of six artists’ submissions for the competition. The artists described the need for contemplation as more important than ever in the world right now, which is what motivated them to come up with the outlandish UX.

“Our concept is a Zen garden that represents a state of mind: calm, pure consciousness,” they said in a statement. “We have used paper, a significant element in Japanese culture, covering the car’s exterior in a form of Lexus vegetation, giving it volume,” continued Angela Montagud, one of the artists.

While you may not want to take this particular Lexus for a trip down to your local car wash on a Saturday morning, the effort and intricacy of the artists’ achievement should not go unnoticed. The project was completed within a month, and the changing textures and colors depending on the angle and time of day turns this UX into a worthy art piece for any renowned gallery. Although it’s not the best SUV in its segment, the UX remains one of the most desirable with its upscale cabin and striking styling. And, following its most recent round of updates, it’s better-equipped than before, too. As for the Zen Garden UX Concept, it’ll soon be making its debut at a Lexus Spain media event.