Jeep finally gives us what we asked for.

The Jeep Wrangler can get expensive, but it’s still a very popular off-roader, and with an electric version revealed earlier this month, that popularity should continue well into the electric age. However, for the thirty-odd years that the SUV has been on sale, there’s one option that has been left off the list of upgrades you can make to a new Wrangler: half-doors. Fortunately, Jeep confirmed earlier this year that the highly requested option would finally be making its way to the 2021 version of the highly capable adventure vehicle. Those doors are finally available, allowing customers to “push the open-air envelope further.”

As you’d expect of a factory option, the half-doors have been extensively tested to offer a good compromise between safety and enhanced visibility. Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise immedaitely. Although only available to new-vehicle purchases at this point, buyers won’t be missing out on regular doors, so it’s not a case of Jeep forcing the option down your throat and leaving you to regret the decision later. Instead, customers who order the option will get regular full-size doors fitted with matching body-color half-doors “conveniently packaged within the vehicle”, presumably in some sort of branded covering or sleeve for when they’re not in use.



In addition, the new half-doors are designed to work in conjunction with other options like power mirrors, blind-spot detection, door handles with or without passive entry, and of course, the power locks for the doors themselves. With the same wiring connections and hinge locations, Jeep says the installation will take a matter of minutes. Plastic windows inside with matching vinyl or acrylic are also included to flow with the factory soft-top roof. Base model Wranglers with two doors will carry a cost of $2,350 for the option, while four-door models will set you back $3,995. Premium models’ doors cost $2,550 and $4,395 respectively. The vehicle’s factory three-year/36,000-mile warranty won’t be affected.