The final build slots have now opened.

With the arrival of the Audi e-tron GT, Tesla’s Model S Plaid, and the upcoming electric Jeep Wrangler, it’s easy to forget about one of the most exciting electrified vehicles to come out of Europe. The Polestar 1 is set to change everything you know about Swedish performance, and we’re very excited about this stunning coupe. It promises a brilliant driving experience, and with 619 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque in such a beautiful body, it’s set to be one of the most desirable EVs on the planet. But if you want one, you’d better act quickly, as the final build slots have just opened up.

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 Front View DrivingPolestar

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 Rear View DrivingPolestar

Of course, you have to be pretty flush to get your hands on one of the most stylish hybrids ever made – $155,000 is the starting MSRP. But that doesn’t just buy you a lot of power and a sleek body drowning in carbon fiber. Ohlins suspension will ensure that comfort is just as important as precision while Pirelli tires will allow owners to make the most of that power gets to the ground. Inside, there are highlights like a crystal gear shift, Nappa leather upholstery, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and Volvo’s (Polestar’s parent company) trademark Bowers & Wilkins ‘Gothenburg’ sound system.

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 DashboardPolestar

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 Driving Front AnglePolestar

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 Engine bayPolestar

Furthermore, besides buying a fantastic car, you’ll also gain the knowledge that you’ve supported sustainable manufacturing processes as the car is produced in one of the most environmentally responsible car factories in China. And if you’re a little on the shallow side and none of that matters to you, ownership of a Polestar 1 will entitle you access to an exclusive club made up of just 1,499 other people. That kind of exclusivity helps justify its lofty asking price, and with so many manufacturers offering electrified automobiles now, standing out from the crowd is hard unless you’re in something like this. So if you’re keen, best get cracking soon – others won’t be quite so indecisive.

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 Forward ViewPolestar

2020-2021 Polestar Polestar 1 Rear ViewPolestar