Classy move by Nissan.

Here in America, if you want a relatively compact pickup truck made by Nissan, the only option you have is the Frontier. But in other, less developed countries, the old name of the NP300 Hardbody is still going strong. One was even used as a Popemobile. The midsize pickup is a reliable and sturdy steed, which is probably why Nissan has been building it for so long. While we get the latest and greatest that the Frontier has to offer, some countries don’t, but that doesn’t mean that lesser versions of this impressive pickup can’t be used for good. And that’s just what Nissan of Mexico has done, giving a custom-built truck with a classroom in it to a traveling teacher.


Following the forced closing of schools last year in April, special education teacher Nallely Esparza Flores realized that, with such rampant poverty in her region of Aguascalientes, many children would miss out on their education. The limited access to the internet and computers was a big challenge, but in the giving spirit of teachers, Esparza would drive four hours a day in her old pickup to conduct one-on-one lessons at the homes of children. These classes would occur in the bed of her truck, and with such a positive impact on her community, news of the project traveled far and wide, eventually culminating in executives at Nissan hearing about it. This week, the automaker surprised Esparza with the ingenious gift.

The four-cylinder NP300 has been kitted out with three walls, a retractable sheeting wall, and a ceiling made from translucent panels so that students can learn in natural light without catching sunstroke. Other enhancements include seats that fold against the wall, electrical connections, an acrylic table for easy disinfection, retractable steps, and a plexiglass screen to enhance safety protocols.

As you can imagine, Esparza was ecstatic: “Today I feel like my labors and the help that we give each day to children and their families is unstoppable. My students no longer have to take classes in the full heat of the sun.” Good on you, Nissan.