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When it comes to repair costs, the bill can be rather hefty, especially if you have a luxury car. Some will find a cheap way around this, with one Corvette owner even using noodles to fix body panels. Another way around this is to buy an exceptionally reliable car, but even then, you could have an expensive invoice coming your way if you get into a crash. Either way, when fixed, you want your car to be as good as it was before the issue, but not everyone will use a high-quality repair center. Nissan is aware of this common practice and launched a new campaign to try to combat substandard repairs, and it has been quite successful.

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Obviously, if you own a recent Nissan product like a Rogue, you probably know about this campaign already. If not, here’s what happened. The campaign targeted 3.9 million Nissan customers in the US and 500,000 Infiniti customers. The idea was that these customers would be informed about the location of the nearest Nissan Certified Repair Provider, as well as be informed as to why using such a place was important for safety and quality reasons. The campaign ran with the tagline “What’s Done is Done, So Get Repairs Done Right.” With Nissan claiming almost 100 percent repair network coverage, anyone in the country can find a certified repair center nearby.

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Once the repairs are completed, certification can be provided to the customer or their insurer, which would certainly help when said customer is looking to resell their vehicle. Of course, these repair centers would only use genuine Nissan parts and are able to provide proof of compliance. The campaign’s success was evidenced by the fact that Nissan’s Certified Repair Network saw a tenfold increase in the number of hits on its locator. Thanks to free towing options advertised alongside these when a Nissan or Infiniti product is taken to a certified repair center, it makes more sense than ever to use the right team to bring your car back up to scratch.