This masterpiece is a first of its kind.

Montana is not the American state you would expect to be pushing at the boundaries of engine and material sciences to turn the McLaren 720S into a 900-horsepower carbon-fiber clad menace. But a tuning outfit by the name of SWAE hails from Flathead Valley in the gold and silver state, and has just dropped this bombshell of a supercar. The outfit calls its 720S Widebody a “proof-of-concept for testing bleeding-edge capabilities of 3D printing,” with new bodywork made using a twill carbon fiber fabric that SWAE says is extremely pliable and adaptive. This allows the company to create complex contours while retaining stability and strength in the bodywork. That’s just as well, as the tuner has also pushed McLaren’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 to send 900 hp to the rear wheels.

3D printing is only just taking off as an industrial technology despite being a buzzword for a few years now. SWAE brags that the 3D printed titanium wing supports mounted to the car are the first of their kind, and we have to agree that they’re impressive to say the least. However, we’re just as impressed with how SWAE has created something more subtle than we usually see on a wide-body creation by using the twill carbon fiber. It’s a more smoothed out and well-honed stretching of the car that looks as natural as it does menacing. Then there’s what the Montana tuners have done with the engine.

SWAE isn’t disclosing details on its “exclusive performance tune,” but it’s something special to take the already excessive 710 hp the stock McLaren 720S produces to crank it up to 900 hp at the wheels. Add to that a set of custom 10-spoke wheels and a modified exhaust with stainless steel cat delete pipes, and you have one hell of a statement for a tuning company’s first car. SWAE says the 720S Widebody will come in under $500,000 and is created to show the company’s capabilities before it starts releasing adventure-oriented vehicles.

“SWAE operates in a space beyond luxury – enhancing each caliber of craftsmanship to create a sum greater than its parts. Our edict compels us to chase dreams at all costs, something we will do with the sharing of breathtaking adventures and automobiles,” says Rosie Wolkind, SWAE’s Director of Operations. Well, this certainly lives up to that, and if this is just the company’s first attempt, we can’t wait to see what comes next.