And it has a solution.

Despite massive technological advancements, car shopping has remained a pretty outdated and painful process that often requires hours at a dealership. Some automakers like Infiniti are attempting to keep owners out of the dealership for maintenance, while others want to copy Tesla’s revolutionary direct-to-consumer method that skirts around dealer franchise laws. To go along with new reveals like the 2022 Outlander and Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi Motors North America will release a new 24-hour digital showroom called ClickShop.

With this new system, Mitsubishi shoppers can browse dealer inventory, build a custom deal, submit their credit application, and book test drives from the comfort of their homes. Mitsubishi says the experience is as easy as “click, click, car.”

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ClickShop takes away a lot of the painful elements of the car buying experience, mainly lacking quick access to the final monthly payment. Cars with similar prices can often yield vastly different monthly payments, which is the number most shoppers care about. Mitsubishi lets shoppers create a custom deal that includes pre-populated, applicable incentives to generate a monthly payment.

ClickShop will even let users submit a credit application, their trade-in value, and factor in applicable taxes. All of these measures will greatly reduce the time spent inside a dealership. The best part is that shoppers do not have to put in their contact information to be given a price, so a dealer won’t pester them just for looking.


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“Mitsubishi Motors has so much to be proud of in 2021,” said Mark Chaffin, Mitsubishi Motors North America Chief Operating Officer. “We are delivering a bold, capable and stylish lineup of vehicles that will result in one of the freshest showrooms in the industry, and we are delivering a fast, fair, and fun car-buying experience to our customers. Tools like ClickShop allow us to deliver on what really matters to the modern customer by using data in a thoughtful, strategic way.”

“We want people to feel good about buying a car, after all, it is one of the most expensive purchases people will make in their lifetime,” added Richard Herod III, White Bear Mitsubishi Dealer Principal. “This means we have to meet them where they are, be respectful of their time and sensitive to their budget, and we must be transparent. ClickShop allows us to show up for and support our customers, even before they walk in the door.”


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