It can handle a hand grenade blast.

One of the best ways of showing others that you’ve made a success of your life is to cruise around in a large German luxury SUV, and if you have more than a million Instagram followers, then you’d best make sure that it’s armored (you never know these days). Enter Inkas, a specialist tuner that is responsible for some insane armored builds, including American heavyweights such as the Lincoln Navigator. Inkas’ latest offering is the armored BMW X7, and the company is the first to offer such an extensive armor package for this specific model. This special armored version is a must-have if you’ve got a target on your back, and a hankering for a premium driving experience.

Inkas not only chose the X7 because of its reputation and style, but because of its sturdy platform and powerful engines. Inkas offers its X7 with three turbocharged engine options, including the xDrive40i with its 335-horsepower inline-six turbo engine, and the voracious turbocharged V8 in your choice of 523 hp or 612 hp configurations. All models are paired with an eight-speed auto transmission and AWD.

In terms of armor protection, Inkas fits the X7 with high-quality ballistic armor for top to bottom protection, with even the door seals proving impenetrable by bullets. By meeting CEN 1063 BR6 ballistic standards, these X7 SUVs can withstand attacks from 7.62 x 51 mm or 0.308 Winchester FMJ ammunition and even a hand grenade or two.

Inkas also offers added protection in the form of emergency lights packages, air filtration devices, night-vision systems, smoke screen system, PA systems, and engine bay fire suppression system. “This first-ever armored BMW X7 is engineered with attention to detail and provides unparalleled protection and comfort for its passengers. It’s always a challenge being the first one in the industry to convert a specific model into a bulletproof vehicle, but it’s a rewarding venture,” said David Khazanski, CEO of Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing. The X7 was already a cool car, but this is next-level stuff.