McLaren’s new High-Performance Hybrid will debut next week.

Next week will mark the start of a new era for McLaren. After numerous leaks and teasers, the automaker has announced the covers will be coming off the new Artura hybrid supercar on February 17 at 00:01 GMT (February 16 at 19:01 EST) in a “spectacular showcase” hosted at McLaren’s headquarters in Woking, England. The reveal event will be streamed live online with an interactive Q&A session.

While the debut date was already previously confirmed in a leaked promotional media invite poster, a new teaser gives us a first look at the Artura’s striking silhouette after McLaren showed close-up shots of the car’s rear featuring dual exhaust tips and a mesh grille.


Front ViewMcLaren

From the profile, the Artura has a similar silhouette to McLaren’s current Sports Series cars retaining the same flying buttresses as the 570S, while also borrowing cues at the front and rear from the 720S and GT. Leaked patent photos have already shown the headlight design will mirror the 720S, while the taillights look like they have been borrowed from the GT.

McLaren’s first High-Performance Hybrid will replace the automaker’s current Sports Series lineup including the 570S, 570GT, and 600LT, slotting between the GT and 720S. While McLaren’s Sports Series models are powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, the Artura will be the firm’s first model that utilizes an all-new hybrid powertrain with a newly developed V6 engine.

McLaren isn’t ready to reveal the technical specifications yet, but the new twin-turbo V6 will reportedly have over 600 horsepower on tap. This will make the Artura significantly more powerful than the 570S, which generates 562 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. As well as being McLaren’s first hybrid series production car, the Artura will be the first model that abandons the automaker’s numerical model names outside Ultimate Series cars like the Senna and Speedtial.

Combined with the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture, the Artura will “deliver outstanding levels of thrilling performance, driver engagement and efficiency.” With more power to play with, the Artura will inevitably be more expensive than the entry-level 570S it’s replacing, but we’ll find out more details when McLaren’s new hybrid supercar debuts next week.

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