More manufacturers should follow suit.

With the winter storm knocking out power in Texas, freezing water pipes, and causing damage to property, things look dire out there. Some have been using their Ford F-150s to get some electricity, but what if your car has been severely damaged by the storm? Yesterday, Mazda announced its intentions to help such people with a new discount. According to a letter sent to Mazda dealerships, residents of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas may be eligible for $750 in Disaster Relief Assistance, and this incentive is offered on all of Mazda’s current range, whether you intend to buy the vehicle or lease it.

Of course, there are some conditions to ensure that the offer is not abused. Those applying for the discount will need to provide a copy of a valid insurance claim showing damage occurring to their vehicle between February 13-19. As a bonus, this incentive can be applied alongside other rebates and offers, like Mazda’s $750 loyalty discount. While this offer will only help those in a position to buy a new car, any assistance is surely greatly appreciated. This isn’t the first time that the auto industry has come to the party to help those affected by disasters, and we certainly hope it won’t be the last.

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Mazda’s offer isn’t just limited to this month either, as the brand will be running the incentive until April 1. On something like a 2021 Mazda CX-30, which has a base asking price of $21,900 before a $1,100 destination charge, you’ll be paying a total of $22,250. Of course, if you qualify for those other incentives that Mazda is currently offering, the price can drop even further. We hope that the negative effects of the storm come to pass soon, and with Mazda making it easier to get back on your feet, we remain positive that the auto industry cares about its consumers.

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