Meanwhile, Tesla and Genesis slide down the list.

One of the most challenging jobs in automotive reporting is figuring out which brands are best. There’s a lot of different aspects to weigh up from reliability and customer service to technology advancement, safety, and value. Non-profit Consumer Reports is about as objective as anyone can be and goes about its long-term testing by buying cars rather than relying on press loans. To create its annual report card, the group takes into account road-test scores, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety ratings. This year’s report has delivered a pleasant surprise for Mazda, as it has topped the list of 32 manufacturers to become Consumer Reports’ most recommended brand.



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Mazda had to dethrone Porsche and beat out the other top five runners, BMW, Subaru, and Honda, to reach the top spot. Mazda also managed to jump from number four on 2020’s list to the top despite the new CX-30 scoring lowest on Consumer Reports model-specific satisfaction survey. Mazda only has seven vehicles in its range to be tested, which means the Japanese automaker scored this success despite a seventh of its range falling dramatically short on owner satisfaction. According to the consumer advocacy group, what helped the Japanese automaker rocket to the top slot was the brand’s increase in its predicated reliability score.

BMW came in second with 12 models tested, and scored high in road tests along with Subaru and Porsche. Honda jumped from tenth place in 2020 to fifth in 2021, with eight of its ten vehicles being recommended. Filling out the top ten from there, and in order, is Lexus, Toyota, Chrysler, Buick, and Hyundai.

Hyundai dropped three places from 2020, while Buick and Chrysler have given the American automotive industry hope by jumping up ten places to squeeze themselves into the top ten. Notable drops in the table include Tesla, which has an up and down relationship with Consumer Reports, dropping five places to 16th. Kia lost ten spots to land in 19th, Lincoln drops 15 places into 28th out of 32. Mitsubishi got itself off the bottom spot and up to 30th, while Alfa Romeo is now Consumer Reports least recommended brand after Land Rover. Reliability is still Alfa Romeo’s biggest problem.

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