This $5,000 discount is NOT being advertised.

The Lincoln Continental is no more. Reborn for 2017, it lasted only until last year as Ford’s premium brand has decided to move away from sedans of all sizes and focus solely on more profitable and popular SUVs and crossovers. The tenth-generation Continental, however, was a noble effort to save not only an iconic nameplate but also Lincoln sedans in general. It just wasn’t meant to be. Not even the ultra-cool 80th anniversary Coach Door Edition was able to pump life back into the Conti. Revealed for 2019, just 80 examples were built that year and quickly sold out. Surprisingly, the edition returned for 2020 with an additional batch of 150 units.

But unlike the year prior, Lincoln hasn’t been able to sell all of them and it’s now offering a $5,000 discount to help make that happen, according to CarsDirect.

Lincoln dealerships nationwide have just been authorized to offer this discount even though it’s not being advertised. And yes, this offer is good for only the Coach Door Edition. But here’s the thing: this $5k dealer cash incentive may not be good enough to entice potential buyers because the luxury sedan carries an $115,470 price tag, plus destination and delivery.

The regular Continental bodystyle, meanwhile, began as low as $46,000, though it was powered by a less powerful engine and lacked many premium features, aside from the suicide doors. The very well-equipped Black Label trim started at $65,415. Those doors are cool and all, but they’re not cheap. They’re an homage to 1960s era Continentals and all Coach Door Editions are powered by the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque and all-wheel drive.

But if this $5,000 incentive is acceptable to buyers still willing to fork over $100,000 for one of these rare and potentially future collectible luxury sedans, then be prepared to do some searching. Nationwide Continental stock is already low and finding one of just 150 unsold special editions probably won’t be easy. Oddly, only certain VINs are eligible.

Also, dealers are not required to give the discount because it’s officially a cash incentive, meaning they can choose whether to pass on the savings to the customer or pocket the cash as profit. Lincoln’s current offers will expire on March 31, though it’s possible this particular one could do so beforehand.

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