This could be the RX L’s future replacement.

Last week, a new rumor claimed that Lexus has a new flagship two-row SUV in the works. Dubbed the LF, it will be inspired by the LF-1 Limitless Concept shown at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show that will rival the Porsche Cayenne and Maserati Levante. This isn’t the only new SUV Lexus is plotting, however.

Speaking to Automotive News, John Iacono, Chairman of the Lexus Dealer Advisory Council, confirmed that Lexus will launch a new three-row crossover. Toyota has criticized Lexus for its lengthy model cycles and dealers have been wanting to sell new models. If Lacono’s claims are true, Lexus has multiple new models in the pipeline that should keep dealers happy.

2016-2021 Lexus RX Front View DrivingLexus

2016-2021 Lexus RX Rear View DrivingLexus

“We’ve had SUVs that we’ve been asking for that we have gotten the thumbs up on, and they recently showed us some coming products that I really can’t expand on, but that we are very, very enthusiastic about,” said Iacono. Potentially, the new three-row crossover could replace the RX L. Trademark filings have also suggested Lexus will call the three-row crossover the TX as trademarks for the TX 350 and TX 500h model names were submitted last year.

Iacono also claims Lexus is working on a new rugged off-roader that will serve as a halo model for the brand and be built in limited numbers, along with a new electric SUV.

“I personally with other Lexus dealers have gotten a glimpse of what that might look like when – not if, when – it comes to Lexus, and I believe that it has put a smile on our face, that we’re going to have a player in a market,” Iacono said.

This will likely be the production version of the radical-looking electric concept Lexus is teasing that will debut this spring. In addition, we can also look forward to updates for the LS sedan. “Not too many people really understand where we’re going with the LS, which will be a true benchmark for the brand,” said Iacono.

As well as introducing new models, Lexus is also finally planning to upgrade its current infotainment system, which is widely criticized for being slow and clunky. “The telematics that are coming our way are going to be industry-leading and they’re going to be what we currently do not have,” Iacono claimed.



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