If you prefer doing most things online, this is for you.

Consumer habits have changed markedly over the last year or so due to the ongoing pandemic. If it can be bought online, many people will choose this option over an in-person purchasing experience. The same behavior change has filtered through to the automotive industry and Lexus has taken note.

Fresh from a fantastic result in a major sales satisfaction study among major brands in 2020, Toyota’s luxury arm has just unveiled its all-new digital retail experience known as Lexus Monogram. Lexus says that the new experience promises flexibility when buying, financing, or leasing a new vehicle.

Regardless of whether the customer is on the Lexus website or inside an actual dealership, Lexus Monogram will offer an integrated journey. For example, someone can begin the process of buying a new vehicle online and save their preferences in what is called a “digital garage”. From there, the purchase can be completed at home or via a Monogram dealer.

For sales associates, there is the benefit of better understanding each customer’s needs while being able to easily assist a customer who has begun the purchasing process online. Other automakers like Honda and Ford have also begun offering a more comprehensive online alternative to in-person sales.

Honda has now chosen to list non-certified used cars on its official website, while the new Ford Blue Advantage digital marketplace launching this year makes it easier for customers to locate and buy certified used cars. For now, Lexus is piloting Monogram in specific markets, with an official rollout set to begin in spring 2021.

“Our goal is to create greater transparency with our guests and efficiency for our dealers – whether that’s in the showroom or online,” said group vice president and general manager of the Lexus Divison, Andrew Gilleland.

Whether you’re interested in the latest version of the luxurious LS 500 or the attractively styled UX crossover, you now have more options available to complete your purchase.