Don’t worry, it won’t be going into mass-production.

Lexus has a bad habit of making pointless special editions. Last year, the Japanese luxury automaker revealed special editions of the UX Hybrid and the RC coupe. The LC500 wasn’t safe either, and there was even an entire line of special editions with bespoke luggage. Now, the Lexus IS has been subjected to some changes whose only goal seems to be attention-seeking.

Designed in collaboration with Twitch users, the Gamers’ IS is intended to be the “ultimate gaming space”. We’re not sure how much more Lexus can beat the dead horse of limited models, but at least this car is a one-off.


AHHH I am so excited to reveal the new @Lexus Gamers’ IS that we designed together last month! Lexus took their sport sedan to the next level and built our dream gamers’ IS. Join the stream – I’ll be giving you guys a detailed tour of the car 😀 #ad

— leslie (@fuslie) February 17, 2021

Vinay Shahani, vice president of marketing at Lexus, says: “The Twitch community dives headfirst into their passion of gaming, just as we did in designing the new 2021 Lexus IS as a pure expression of a sports sedan. We asked for their help designing their dream gaming space, and they answered in spades. Together, we created the ultimate fusion of design and performance in automotive and gaming.”

As such, all of the changes seen on the car are the result of votes cast by the Twitch community, with the theme being described as Neon Tokyo. With such vibrant colors, that kind of name makes sense.

While the exterior vinyl wrap grabs your attention, the bright interior holds it. There’s an acrylic layer on the headliner that has resin “raindrops” attached to it. This is backlit with LED lighting to give the feeling of driving through downtown Tokyo during a rain shower. The seats are also treated to illumination while the passenger side of the cabin features a monitor hooked up to the gaming rig in the trunk. There’s also an aftermarket controller and a spot in the center console for drinks, or “gaming fuel”. Obviously, such a creation is impractical for both driving and gaming, but Lexus loves the pointless.