They’re not too imaginative, but they are descriptive.

The BMW i4 won’t be your typical EV and will be lots of fun to drive. Its luxury SUV counterpart, the iX, is also coming soon, and we’re looking forward to the release of both vehicles with lots of interest. As these cars get closer to being released, little tidbits of information are trickling out of Germany, keeping fans of the brand glued to their screens as they wait to see if BMW can make its EVs just as good as its traditional cars are. One such tidbit of info that we’ve recently come across is from the German trademark office, and it reveals the trims that these two EVs will be offered in.

The i4 will be offered as the i4 eDrive35 and eDrive40, with the latter denoting increased performance and/or range. There will also be the i4 M50 with xDrive AWD. This M-fettled model will certainly be the most fun model to drive, but exactly how much power it will offer remains to be seen. The iX SUV follows a similar path, with iX xDrive40 and xDrive50 models, as well as the range-topping iX M60. That name is all-new for BMW’s range of performance-enhanced SUVs and puts doubt in our minds as to whether a full-fat M version of the iX will be offered.

Driving Front AngleBMW

Side Perspective DrivingBMW

We’re actually glad about this, as we feel that it would be a travesty for BMW to make its first-ever full-M EV an inherently compromised SUV. We’re hopeful that the decision-makers in Munich are following a similar thought process. Perhaps they could be convinced to build the Vision M Next first instead. Whatever happens, it’s nice to know that there will be multiple choices in the ranges when these new i4 and iX models finally land. The question is, will they be good enough to outdo Tesla range, Mercedes luxury, and Audi design? We’re hopeful that BMW has what it takes to do just that.