Do game developers have inside information we don’t?

The next generation of Nissan’s Z car is hotly anticipated. We know quite a lot about the sports car, including the fact that power will come from the same twin-turbo V6 engine found in the Infinity Q50. What we don’t know is whether it will make the same 300 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque as the base trim Q50 or more. In its highest performance spec at the moment, the engine makes 400 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque in Q50 and Q60 Red Sport 400 trims. We thought that might be optimistic for the 400Z, but the actual numbers might be 444 horsepower, according to data displayed in the car’s first video game appearance. We got the heads up on the release from the forum, who have been tinkering with the car in Project Cars 3.

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The new numbers popped up as a possible leak when the Nissan 400Z was added to the car roster in Project Cars 3, the third installment of CarBuzz’s favorite racing video game. If true, and we’re not wholly sold on the fact they are, the Nissan Z will be a one aggressive sports car and an even more aggressive statement from Nissan. Over 440 hp would put the 400Z at the head of its class with a power figure higher than the current Toyota Supra and BMW Z4’s 382 hp range toppers. It would even out-horsepower the more expensive Audi TT RS and Porsche’s Cayman GTS 4.0, with both cars generating 394 hp.

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Another spec that crops up in Project Cars 3 for the Nissan 400Z is its weight. According to the in-game stats, it weighs just 3,252 lbs, which is just 101 lbs more than the current 370Z. That wouldn’t be bad for a car that has to carry the extra safety equipment the 400Z will need plus two turbos and all the extra cooling system weight they require.

We are skeptical of the 440+ horsepower figure, and would be more than happy with the 400 from the Red Sport engine. Even the 300 hp version of the twin-turbo V6 would be more than respectable, but we hope like hell Nissan will drop a genuine power and torque bomb on the sports car market.

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