Look out Ford Mach-E, Karma is coming.

Karma Automotive was founded in 2015 when a Chinese company bought Fisker Automotive. The hybrid drivetrain Revero, based on the Fisker Karma, went into production in 2016 and is built in Moreno Valley, California. On top of the hybrid Revero models and the first GS series electric sedan, the upcoming GSe-6, these patent images from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) show that Karma wants to step into the sporty electric crossover game too. Clearly, it would enter the market as competition for the Ford Mustang Mach-E and, by default, the Tesla Model Y.

The patent is for the “ornamental design for an automotive vehicle as design and described.” So, the assumption is that this is the styling for an all-electric vehicle based on the lack of a radiator grille. It’s very much in the Karma style with narrow headlights to go with the long hood. The patent application was submitted in April of 2019 (and registered just this week), predating the Mustang Mach-E but not the public’s appetite for sporty coupe-style crossovers. The LED bar connecting the taillights has also become popular since around then.

This isn’t the first hint that Karma is aiming to increase its product range beyond passenger cars. Last year there were rumors Karma would be building an electric pickup truck. Then, filings with the NHTSA showed the likelihood Karma’s lineup would extend to a small crossover like this, a large crossover, a coupe, a convertible, and even a station wagon.

Karma moving to all-electric as well as hybrid drivetrains is inevitable. We wouldn’t be surprised if the sporty electric crossover jumps the queue to be the next vehicle Karma brings to market after the GSe-6, though. It’s the smart and obvious move for any new company positioning itself in the premium market and wanting to maximize sales.