A Wrangler not powered by gasoline is coming.

It’s a day many wouldn’t have believed a few years ago, but an all-electric Jeep Wrangler has appeared on the horizon. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid has only just arrived, but following Jeep’s Super Bowl ad campaign featuring Bruce Springsteen, it has announced the all-electric Jeep is real on its “The Road Ahead” website.

“We plan to reveal a 100% battery-powered Wrangler BEV concept vehicle as part of the Jeep Brand concept vehicles at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah,” Jeep says. However, we suspect it’s not going to be a concept in the sense of just an idea. The way Jeep is pushing; we believe it will make production rapidly.


The reason we think the all-electric Jeep will become a reality quickly is that the American automaker pushed a strong message through this year’s Super Bowl extravaganza of automotive advertising. The full-length video reflects on Jeep’s past as it looks to the future, and it clearly believes the future is electric.

“As we celebrate Jeep’s 80th anniversary this year and look to the future, ‘The Road Ahead’ illustrates how we are proudly building on our rich heritage as we commit to making Jeep the greenest SUV brand,” said Christian Meunier, Global President, Jeep Brand, Stellantis. “All Jeep models will carry an electrified option in the next few years and will take green and 4×4 technology to the next level.”

There are no firm details about the all-electric Jeep that will join the annual release of concepts shown at its Easter Moab Safari event. We do expect a minimum of two electric motors to power all four wheels, with perhaps a motor for each wheel on more extreme off-road trims to provide total independent control in treacherous conditions. For now, though, it looks like a motor up front and a standard transmission with a transfer case. We should hopefully learn more in the next few weeks.