Will there even be any?

At present, Jaguar builds just one all-electric model, the I-Pace. This will soon change after the UK automaker announced plans to become a fully electric brand by 2025. Somewhat oddly, the XJ EV, originally due this year or next, has been canceled. The most likely reason is due to a decline in demand for large luxury sedans. The Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, and Audi e-tron GT are slightly smaller, so there’s a good chance Jaguar is simply rethinking its EV sedan strategy. The F-Pace has been Jag’s best seller for a few years, so a battery-electric SUV is inevitable.

But what about sports cars? After all, the Jaguar F-Type dates back to 2013 and despite this model year’s refresh, the front-engined coupe and convertible is showing its age. So, it’s safe to assume the F-Type’s EV successor is coming soon, right? Not necessarily.

Speaking to Top Gear, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore didn’t outright confirm when asked if an electrified sports car is planned. “It’s a question that we are looking at very carefully,” he said. “I’m not going to answer that right now because it’s a question of importance for us, and we will answer when we have decided exactly what we want to do with this new portfolio of Jaguar.”

Bear in mind one critical thing: Jag’s upcoming EVs will all share a single platform. Future all-electric Land Rovers will have two at their disposal. Bollore did acknowledge Jaguar’s new lineup “is going to be more compact compared to the one we have today.”

In other words, Jaguar is thinking very carefully about what segments to compete in. SUVs are a must and sedans, when done right, can also profitable. Sports cars, especially convertibles, are a different matter entirely. They’re historically a more difficult business case to make and JLR, despite its continued financial recovery, came close to the brink not long ago.

Regardless of whether or not an electrified sports car is in the future mix, Bollore made something else very clear. He intends to let the Jaguar design team be “totally free to prepare and propose the most emotionally dramatic designs they can imagine.”