The entry-level crossover is ready to be seen.

Towards the middle of last year, we first reported on the discovery of the Bayon name. In November, we learned that the name would go on a new baby SUV, something that will slot in below the Hyundai Kona in Europe. While we don’t yet know if the Bayon will make it to our shores, the teaser we saw made us very interested in its sharp new design. Hyundai says its design will give the Bayon a “clean, high-tech look”, but we haven’t heard very much else about the vehicle, until now.

Hyundai has just announced that its world premiere will take place on March 2 at 10 AM CET.

Based on the render of the little crossover, American buyers may pressure Hyundai into bringing the Bayon to the US. After all, it looks like it’ll be far more stylish than the current entry-level SUV offering from the brand, the Hyundai Venue. Then again, with a minuscule 1.0-liter turbocharged engine powering the Bayon with just 118 horsepower, it’s not exactly the type of vehicle that people generally get fired up about. And with this car sharing a platform with another model not sold here, the i20, there likely won’t be much blowback if the Bayon isn’t offered here.



Of course, we could be wrong, but until the reveal next week Tuesday, we’ll just have to wait. The fact that the name is inspired by that of a city in the southwest of France called Bayonne also gives us the impression that the car won’t be offered here. According to Hyundai, the name was chosen because the Bayon is “primarily a European product”. Again, that doesn’t rule our market out entirely, but manufacturers aren’t known for suppressing hype when they intend to offer an all-new model in a certain market. But is this just another entry-level people mover, or will it charm us in some unique way? We’ll let you know in a few days.

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