Hey all,

Wanted to reach out and see if the Reddit community can help out. My fiancé has a 2014 wrangler unlimited sport at 85k miles. We’ve owned it since it was around 63k. At first we had a p0600 error code; throttle feels like it’s at 75%. We’d be cruising down highway and then if I wanna pick up speed and put my foot down the RPMs shoot up and it feels like the power isn’t going to the wheels. Might be something with the TCM. Then we get a p0344 which is a camshaft sensor. We also have gotten the traction warning light on the dash. Not the traction control but the car is saying the wheels are spinning when they aren’t. From my logic it seems as though 1 code is triggering all of this and I would assume it’s the 600 PCM. But I’m not sure if swapping out the computer is the issue. Anyone have precious experience in this?

Also anyone know how much a oil filter housing swap should cost? I was quoted $1k at my last oil change.

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