I’m looking at possibly buying a JKU in the near future. I’m looking for 2012+ to get the 3.6L. My wife’s Grand Caravan has the same engine and it’s my favorite feature. I’m also trying to keep the price under $20k, if possible. I’ve found a number of Saharas and Sports in my price range, hovering between 50k-75k miles.

However, I found a pair of Rubicons, one with 94k, the other with 143k, right at the top of my price range ($22k). Both have mild lifts with maybe 33s, winch bumpers (but no winch, but that’s ok since I still have the XRC10 I used on my XJ), and seemingly in decent shape.

The 143k mile one is full leather and looks like it was babied, 143k miles for $22k seems high. My XJ was still going strong at 180k, but I put 90k of those miles on it.

The 94k mile Rubi seems in good condition too, just not as fancy, which I’m fine with, especially with 50k fewer miles.

Would one of these two be trustworthy, or should I go for a lower mileage non-Rubicon model and just build as I go? I did find a 2018 Sport with around 50k for $21k…

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