The world’s coolest sports car keeps getting cooler, and you still can’t have it.

Life is unfair. No, we’re not talking about the mass devastation brought on by the pandemic, or the fact that the world is slowly dying due to global warming: we’re talking about the fact that there are no convertible Hondas sold on US soil. We all remember the scintillating Honda S2000 of a few years past (We’re still waiting for that one to be revived) which reimagined the rear-wheel-drive sporty Honda legacy of old, and those lucky enough to call Japan their home can still buy a brand new RWD Honda convertible in the form of the S660, a small, turbocharged kei-car. The jealousy is real, as these little cars are loved by aftermarket tuners in Japan, and we’ve seen some seriously cool versions. But Honda has decided to take things into its own hands with the new “Version Z” special edition.

The S660 launched in 2015 as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Honda R&D and represents one of the purest Honda driving experiences you can have today. The Honda S660 has been sold with a “Modulo X” version for those looking for a unique look, and the Version Z will bring even more exclusivity to this exciting little city racer. The Version Z features a special Sonic Gray Pearl exterior color and even gets some quirky interior accents. The exterior features a black chrome-style Honda emblem, a dedicated active rear spoiler with Gurney flap that has been painted black, and the standard wheels have been painted black as well.



The interior sees the addition of carbon-like visor panels, passenger seat air outlet panels, and center panels. The door panels are offered in black Luxe Suede or Bordeaux Red leather with gray stitching. The Version Z also includes an exclusive seat center bag with the Modulo X logo, and an aluminum console plate with the exclusive Version Z logo. The little S660 Version Z features a turbocharged 660cc engine, six-speed manual transmission, and sells for 3,150,400 yen ( $28,887). Sadly, it’ll never come stateside, but for that money, you can at least buy a Mazda MX-5 Miata.