The mighty Ford looks great in mid-air.

After much anticipation, the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor was finally revealed this week. It may not have the supercharged V8 engine that we were hoping for – which Ram seems perfectly happy about – but the Raptor R is on the way to remedy that next year. As an off-road truck, the Raptor doesn’t disappoint. Ford pointed out the implementation of Fox Live Valve internal bypass shocks which can help the Raptor soak up “giant whoops and landings.”

It seems that this is more than just embellished marketing speak as Instagram user shared a video of the Raptor doing a spectacular leap through the air in what appears to be a commercial shoot.

395jeep via

395jeep via

The video was originally posted by another user on the social media platform named 395jeep, but that post was deleted – after all, if Ford isn’t ready to share the footage yet, nobody else should. But this is the internet after all, and the clip was reshared so we get to enjoy it now.

What definitely looks to be a new Raptor was seen allegedly completing one of eight of these dramatic jumps before driving away. The impressive video is perhaps no surprise since a few of Ford’s official launch images for the Raptor show the truck going airborne and looking completely at home while doing so.

Besides those Fox shocks, the Raptor also employs coil springs and a new five-link rear suspension, which we caught wind of back in 2019 when a prototype of the new Raptor was spotted. Those 24-inch coil springs are claimed to be the longest in the class. There’s also the matter of greater suspension travel than before and up to 13.1 inches of ground clearance when it is equipped with available 37-inch tires – that’s 1.3 inches more clearance than the Ram 1500 TRX.

So yes, the Raptor really can fly, and, based on the video and the comments made by the original poster, the big Ford can handle this type of punishment repeatedly. Did we expect anything less? Of course not.