Take advantage of a rare Porsche incentive.

In the second half of last year, Porsche announced a range of updates for the 2021 Panamera as part of a mid-life refresh. These changes included more powerful engines and some design tweaks. However, the outgoing 2020 Panamera is still one of the quickest large luxury sedans and it’s just become even more appealing thanks to a new discount shared by Cars Direct. Called the Panamera Discount Match Program, Porsche will reimburse dealers’ discounts by up to 50 percent. That equates to an incentive of up to $5,000, and for the customer, a saving of up to $10,000 on a new Panamera.

It’s an unusual incentive that benefits both the dealer and the buyer, especially since Porsche isn’t known for dishing out discounts on its models as do some other mainstream brands. While $10,000 off any car is an attractive offer, this incentive does only apply to the most expensive Panameras. These models include the GTS, the Turbo, and the most powerful Turbo S E-Hybrid. As the GTS is the cheapest, it would be the most attractive model if you can find a dealer willing to knock $10k off its $129,300 asking price. Notably, the saving applies to both the regular Panamera and the sportier Panamera Sport Turismo. The incentive applies whether you choose to buy or lease.

If you’re able to comfortably buy a Panamera and aren’t worried about what amounts to a small saving percentage-wise, perhaps it’s worth going for a 2021 model. The base models receive extras like a new steering wheel, while all receive a power upgrade; in the case of the GTS, it has 20 horsepower more than before. Of course, if you are interested in a Porsche that can comfortably seat more than two people, what about the all-new, all-electric Taycan Cross Turismo? It costs as much as $187,600 but is breathtakingly quick, looks more interesting than the regular Panamera or Taycan, and is pretty capable in the dirt. If you’re looking to take advantage of the 2020 Panamera incentive, note that it only runs until the end of March.

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