The list continues to grow.

The Chevrolet Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky was closed again last week due to supplier issues. Supposedly, things will be back up and running tomorrow, February 15. But just because C8 Corvettes will be rolling off the production line once again (hopefully) this week, doesn’t mean all parts-related problems have been fully sorted out.

Corvette Blogger reports new more parts options have been added to the so-called constraints list of unavailable extra features. The 5DF Black Trident Wheels have already been completely unavailable for the past month and is now joined by the STI Rocker Extensions and the RZ9 Carbon Fiber Grille Insert.

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None of these are vital components and will not prevent C8 production from starting up again this week, but still. Buyers who’ve configured their perfect new Corvette online and desire these features are out of luck for the foreseeable future.

For those who don’t know, the STI Rocker Extensions are $550 black-textured rocker panels that can help protect the vehicle’s sides from small rocks and other road debris. The grille inserts aim to provide “pedestrian protection” and come standard in Carbon Flash; the RZ9 Carbon Fiber versions are the fancier version.


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Priced at $1,995, they were already declared as late availability for the previous model year, so chances are there are very few to none on the road right now. Chevrolet and GM, of course, are not the only carmakers experiencing supplier issues right now as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In many ways, automakers have fared better than other industries over the past year.

Very few to any employees were permanently laid off and factory shutdowns have come mostly to an end. The biggest supplier-related problem happening right now involves a major semiconductor chip shortage, which has forced some brands to temporarily shutter some factories. Without those chips, vehicles cannot be fully completed.




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