Or are we reading too much into this?

We’re all very excited to have a go in the new Nissan 400Z when it finally arrives. Our suspicions about the twin-turbo V6 engine powering the new Z car have all but been confirmed, and this has only heightened our excitement for the new sports car. As you’ll have seen from various press photos, videos, and other online material, the Proto Z has always been shown in a bright, acidic yellow, and we’re hopeful that this shade will be offered when the production version is unveiled, but what other colors can we expect? We’ll have to wait to find out, but it seems that Nissan is teasing one of the new hues.

The above video reveals some of Nissan’s new offerings, including the all-new Frontier, but if you skip ahead to 20:41, you see the 400Z’s designer standing amongst a fleet of new Nissan vehicles, including the vibrantly painted Proto Z. But if you concentrate on the background, you can see another 400Z, this time painted in a demure gray. As we know from the likes of the Audi RS3, a flat gray can look pretty good on a performance car. However, some have pointed out that we may be wrong about this being a factory color option, and there are a few good reasons.

Instagram/ Layersworks

Instagram/ Layersworks

A closer look at the gray car reveals that you can’t see anything between the spokes of its wheels. You also don’t see anything behind the bumpers, which has led some to believe that Nissan has teased nothing more than a clay model. Of course, the reasoning for the lack of light behind the wheels could be that it is just wearing transport covers, but until such time as Nissan provides more information, we can do nothing but speculate. That being said, it would make sense for the 400Z to be offered in a color that is totally contrary to the yellow, as bright colors are yet to be fully embraced by buyers of new cars.