BMW hybrid models could be getting new names.

BMW’s naming scheme is pretty overwhelming right now. Even-numbered cars (2 Series, 4 Series, 8 Series) typically have two doors (unless they are a Gran Coupe), models with “i” in the name are all-electric (unless it’s the i3 range extender), and hybrid models have “e” at the end.

BMW previously referred to its plug-in hybrids as iPerformance models. This model distinction was briefly used in the United States on the 530e iPerformance and X5 xDrive45e iPerformance before both models dropped the “iPerformance” part of their respective names.

According to a recent trademark filing with the EUIPO, BMW may once again change the naming convention of its hybrid models, this time opting for the name “i Power.”

The filing was made under the “Goods and Services” category for “Vehicles; Motorcycles; Bicycles; Apparatus for locomotion by land; drives for land vehicles; Engines for land vehicles; Parts and fittings for vehicles.” This definition could be used to designate hybrid and plug-in hybrid models within the BMW lineup. The filing also protects usage for “provision of energy,” which includes “Transportation and delivery of goods; Rental of means of transportation; Vehicle rental; Transport brokerage; Travel and passenger transportation; Sightseeing, tour guide, and excursion services.”

With models like the 2022 BMW iX and upcoming i4 arriving as all-electric models, we think it makes sense for BMW to leverage the i brand name with its hybrids. For example, a PHEV 4 Series could go by the name 430 i Power, or something similar.

It’s also worth noting that Infiniti recently filed a similar trademark for the name “I-Power” with the USPTO. I-Power likely refers to Infiniti’s rebranding of Nissan’s E-Power technology, which uses a gasoline engine as an electric range extender similar to the Chevrolet Volt layout. We did not spot a corresponding application from BMW to the USPTO, so perhaps the i Power name won’t be used outside of Europe. Infiniti put its application in first, so BMW may run into issues applying for such a similar name in the United States.