Ford is obsessive about making sure every detail is just perfect.

After 17 years, the Ford Mustang Mach 1 nameplate is finally returning. Excitement for the new pony car is high, and why not? Just the wheels you can get look amazing, and, with the car being offered worldwide, fans of the icon everywhere will get an opportunity to own one. With plenty of photos and videos of the car available online, as well as numerous stories detailing some of the car’s exciting features, you may think you know all there is to know about the new Mach 1. However, Ford tells us that the Mach 1 that will go on sale will be different from what we’ve already seen of the car.

Fortunately, the changes are very minor and won’t detrimentally affect the performance. So what changes are we talking about? For starters, the Mach 1 fender badges were originally intended to be all-black. But with Ford designers realizing that it would be difficult for these badges to stand out on dark-colored cars, Ford opted to add a silver border for better legibility. Anthony Colard, a senior advanced designer at Ford, says, “With any program, you want everything to be perfect, but when you’re bringing back a classic like Mach 1, it is imperative. This team just kept pushing and pushing for perfection.”



Another subtle change is the switch from Magnetic Gray on the lower grille to matte black to make the front end of the car look “even more menacing”. It’s a very subtle change, but you can be sure that someone would have picked it up anyway if Ford hadn’t brought it to our attention. The last change is arguably even more difficult to spot: the overall shape of the fender striping was tweaked “to improve quality and production processing.” We’re not sure exactly how it does so, but we’ll take Ford’s word for it. Regardless of how the car looks, we’re positive it’ll drive brilliantly, especially with the optional Handling package.