Which model will be given the King Ranch treatment?

Ford offers several luxurious trim levels on its trucks and large SUVs. Platinum and Limited are the two top trim levels, but the company also offers the luxurious King Ranch, named after Texas’s largest ranch. The King Ranch is 825,000 acres, making it larger than the state of Rhode Island and the perfect name for a luxury truck trim. Ford previously only offered this trim level on its F-Series trucks but expanded it to the full-size Expedition SUV in 2019. Now, King Ranch will possibly move down another size category.

Ford Motor Company posted a brief teaser video on its official Twitter account. The video previews an upcoming King ranch model with the caption: “Something big is coming to the ranch. February 24.”

Although the video specifies that something “big” is coming, we believe this is related to the reveal and not a description of the vehicle itself. Ford has been rumored to add a King Ranch trim to the mid-size Explorer, and we think this is what the teaser is showing. The 2022 Ford Explorer could be officially revealed with a flagship King Ranch model alongside the rumored Timberline off-road package.

The teaser only gives a brief and blurry exterior look at the car, but we think it looks like an Explorer from far away. Ford also showed off a glimpse of the interior with the familiar King Ranch logo on the center armrest and a rotating shifter ahead of it. This rules out the possibility of a Ranger King Ranch because the midsize truck doesn’t use Ford’s rotating knob shifter design.

As the King Ranch name is reserved for the top (or near the top) Ford trim levels, we assume this version of the Explorer will only be available with the 3.0-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. This engine produces 365 horsepower in the Explorer Platinum trim but is tuned to develop 400 horsepower in the Explorer ST. It is unclear if the King Ranch will stick with the Platinum engine tune or surprise us with ST levels of power.