Will Fisker finally get off the ground this time?

Embattled car designer Henrik Fisker has been behind the pen that designed some of the most beautiful vehicles on the planet, including the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Currently, his company is working on the Fisker Ocean, but late last year, a new vehicle was teased. While we haven’t heard anything more on this four-door coupe, Fisker is now teasing another new vehicle. But the big news is that the vehicle will be jointly developed with Foxconn, the people who manufacture the Apple iPhone. The Chinese giant will help with Fisker’s goal of producing this unknown new vehicle, projecting annual volumes of more than 250,000 units.


This proposed collaboration is codenamed Project PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). Fisker sounds excited about having Foxconn build the new vehicle: “The creation of Project PEAR with Foxconn brings together two like-minded and complementary companies, each focused on creating new value in a traditional industry. We will create a vehicle that crosses social borders while offering a combination of advanced technology, desirable design, innovation, and value for money, whilst delivering on our commitment to create the world’s most sustainable vehicles.”

Foxconn’s Technology Group Chairman, Young-Way Liu, says that “the key success elements of electric vehicle development include the electric motor, electric control module, and battery. We have two major advantages in this regard, with an exceptional vertically integrated global supply chain and the best supply chain management team in our industry.” Sketchy business practices aside, the partnership could be very valuable for both parties, especially Fisker.

Just one teaser sketch has been provided, but Foxconn says that the collaboration will result in the next Fisker vehicle being produced in just 24 months. At this point, the details haven’t been ironed out, but Fisker says that this will be a “breakthrough new segment vehicle” and both companies expect the final details to be ironed out sometime in the second quarter of this year. Although we think that the rudimentary sketch implies a lack of further design being completed at this stage, Fisker himself says that he wants to shock the world when it debuts.

“Not unlike when Isaac Newton realized the powers of gravity, the inspiration for this project has come from some unconventional sources. The design sketch hints at the direction we are taking. However, with the level of innovation planned for this vehicle, I intend to keep the final design a surprise until the last possible moment!” Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.