V12? Yes, but…

It might sound a bit hard to believe but the Ferrari 812 Superfast is nearly four years old. In the world of modern supercars, that means its successor is already well underway. Before that new front-engined Ferrari arrives, however, the Italian marque will make sure the 812 goes out in style. Set to be revealed sometime later this year, the 812 GTO will be the hardcore version of the already potent “standard” grand tourer, but according to Autocar, its debut will be bittersweet.

Although Ferrari has yet to confirm, the publication has reason to believe the 812 GTO could be the last front-engined, naturally aspirated V12 grand tourer from Ferrari, a tradition that dates back to 1948.

Supposedly, Ferrari has already reached out to loyal customers to inquire if they’d like to place orders for the new GTO, with production expected to be capped at 812 examples. The last front-engined Ferrari to have the GTO moniker was the 599 GTO, of which just 599 units were made. Not unexpectedly, Ferrari offered no comment on the 812 GTO rumors. But why would the track-focused variant be the last front-engined NA V12? Because the entire industry, supercars included, is switching gears towards electrification.

This doesn’t mean Ferrari is done with V12s entirely. On the contrary, there’s still a future for them, but they’re going to be electrified, likely connected to a plug-in hybrid setup, in order to meet new emissions standards.

In addition to the upcoming 812 GTO coupe, a topless Aperta variant is also reportedly in the pipeline. There’s a very good chance it’ll be built in far more limited numbers and will cost quite a bit more than its $500,000 closed-roof sibling. As was the case with the 599 GTB and 599 GTO, the 812 GTO will receive a new aerodynamics package to aid in downforce. A restyled front end, more air intakes, and a custom exhaust are also likely, as is a stripped-out interior with plenty of carbon fiber and other race-inspired elements.

Under the hood, the 6.5-liter V12’s output will increase over the current 780 horsepower. Around 800 hp sounds about right. Hopefully, more details and a full reveal for the next GTO is just around the corner.