Seems kind of random but it’s very real.

Automakers are always offering various incentives, discounts, and attractive financing rates in order to lure customers into showrooms to strike a deal. In the era of the coronavirus, we’ve seen some of the best offers in years. But every once in a while an interesting, if not somewhat random offer pops up. Today is one of those instances. CarsDirect has learned Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, now Stellantis, has begun offering GameStop employees below-invoice pricing.

Why GameStop? It has nothing to do with what happened regarding its high stock price last week (which has since dropped considerably), but rather because GameStop is a fleet buyer. Therefore, its employees receive a few perks, in this case, they’re eligible for the Affiliate Awards Program, which is a hassle-free price equal to 1 percent below a dealer’s invoice plus a $75 program fee.

Unfortunately, the documentation does not make it clear whether or not the discount is only for GameStop employees based at the company’s headquarters in Texas or also at retail locations. But is this special pricing really a good deal? After all, there are plenty of other attractive incentives right now on several models from Jeep, Ram, and Dodge.

In the case of a 2020 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack, the 1 percent below invoice comes to a $1,700 discount off MSRP. Plus, there’s a $4,850 cash incentive for a grand total of $6,550 in savings. Yes, this is a good deal but it could potentially be even better based on where you live.

It’s important to check local area discounts and compare the numbers. Doing your homework can potentially save you money. Yes, this means you’d be more likely to haggle over pricing with the sales representative, but saving money is saving money. Not surprisingly, the GameStop employee offer is not valid for two of the automaker’s newest and hottest models, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid and the Ram 1500 TRX. Another factor to point out is the upcoming President’s Day holiday; automakers always introduce special pricing and incentives.

So if you’re an eligible GameStop employee with your heart set on a new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, or Fiat vehicle, don’t bet you’re automatically getting the best package deal possible this month.

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