Adventures await.

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is proving itself to be a highly capable off-roader, though not quite as extreme as its Bronco big brother. Still, the Bronco Sport fits the bills for many customers and now Ford has made the SUV even more appealing.

Five new lifestyle accessory bundles are being revealed today, specifically for Bike, Water, Snow, Camping, and Cargo. Whether your preferred outdoor activity is skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, or deep-woods camping, one of these new dealer-installed accessory packages will suit your needs.

“Every adventure is unique, just as every Bronco Sport owner is unique, and with these accessory bundles it’s easier than ever to make sure your vehicle fits your lifestyle,” said Jovina Young, Bronco Sport marketing manager.

“Before it even leaves the showroom, your Bronco Sport is a true reflection of you.” These accessory bundles are made by Yakima and can be included when ordering a new Bronco Sport, which is good because they can be rolled into vehicle financing. The variety of accessories is pretty vast within each of those aforementioned categories.

Examples include roof rail crossbars, a roof rack-mounted basket, all-weather floor mats, a kayak carrier with locks, a hitch-mounted ski/snowsport rack, and a 16-cubic inch roof-mounted cargo box. Buyers can even create their own custom “bundles” if the pre-packaged ones don’t meet their needs.

Buyers can choose from over 100 Bronco Sport accessories; just a portion is from Yakima. There’s a dedicated section on the Bronco Sport web page that provides a complete list of what’s currently available.

Since beginning production last November, the Bronco Sport has become a huge success for the Blue Oval. Some dealers, unfortunately, have initiated markups as high as $10,000. There have even been instances when Bronco customers grew impatient with the production delays and opted for a Bronco Sport instead. The Bronco Sport’s arrival is definitely being taken seriously by Jeep and Subaru as both brands offer the similarly-sized Cherokee and Forester.