This latest prototype appears to be based on the Maserati Levante.

Last month, Ferrari was caught testing a mysterious GT4CLusso prototype. The current GT4CLusso shooting brake is being discontinued and Ferrari has no plans to replace it with a new-generation model, so we can only assume that the GT4CLusso was being used as a test mule for the Purosangue: the Italian automaker’s first-ever SUV that will battle the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX.

Visually, the GT4CLusso mule looked almost identical to the regular model but was riding much closer to the ground. Now, another Ferrari Purosangue prototype has been spotted tackling snowy conditions in Sweden, demonstrating the SUV’s all-weather capability.



This time, the prototype is wrapped up warm in full camouflage. Like the prototype that was caught on video last December, this Purosangue mule appears to be based on a Maserati Levante judging by the front fascia, grille, and headlights.

Alternatively, this could be an early test mule for the Maserati Grecale. Like the GT4CLusso, the SUV also rides low to the ground, but the final production model will have a much higher ride height and ground clearance. In the above video, the Purosangue prototype slowly approaches an intersection and navigates traffic, so we unfortunately don’t get to see the SUV demonstrate its performance prowess.


Side View DrivingFerrari

Under the hood, the Purosangue will reportedly be powered by an 800-horsepower V12 but a V8-powered hybrid variant will be offered at a later date. It’s also expected to share the same front-engine platform as the Roma GT. The Purosangue is just the start of Ferrari’s forthcoming SUV onslaught, too.

After the Purosangue arrives in 2022, it will be joined by two fully electric SUVs codenamed the F244 and F245, which are expected to launch in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until Ferrari starts testing pre-production prototypes of the Purosangue to give us a better idea of what the first-ever SUV to wear a Prancing Horse badge will look like.

Front Angle ViewKleber Silva

Side ViewFerrari

Front Angle ViewFerrari