It’s happened again.

Tesla’s phenomenal rise to become the world’s most valuable automaker is an amazing accomplishment, especially since it was founded only 17 years ago and didn’t launch its first vehicle until two years later. It didn’t even open its Fremont, California factory until late 2010. Rival automakers are now joining Tesla to become battery-electric-only brands, but not everyone is pleased. A couple of years ago, we first reported on ICE-ing, the act of blocking a Tesla Supercharger with a combustion-engined vehicle. At first, this was mostly limited to American truck owners who viewed Tesla as both a cultural threat and an elitist company.

And now some Canadian drivers have joined the ICE-ing brigade.

Anshuman Chhabra/Twitter

Anshuman Chhabra/Twitter

Teslarati reports that a Tesla Model X owner from Canmore, a town in Alberta, Canada was pulling into a Supercharging station only to encounter it had been purposely blocked by several ICE vehicles. There was no space for him to juice up his car and he ended up having to wait 30 minutes for someone to move. He posted several examples on Twitter.

But unlike those truck drivers, it appears this ICE-ing instance was not deliberate. The charging station is located next to a restaurant and other businesses and it appears these drivers didn’t fully realize their parking spots were actually charging stalls, but that’s no excuse. You’d think the lineup of charging outlets with the ‘Tesla’ logo lit up would be a dead giveaway.

Anshuman Chhabra/Twitter

Anshuman Chhabra/Twitter

The most likely reason behind their inconsiderate parking decision is that they simply don’t care. The parking lot was probably full and all it takes is one driver to notice the empty charging stalls. Others will soon follow. Of course, this is a very easy problem to permanently fix.

Local governments and municipalities can post ‘No Parking’ signs at these stations for anyone not charging a Tesla. Local police can also issue fines, just as they would for all other no parking zones. The state of Colorado has already taken such action by way of a new bill seeking to impose penalties.


2021 Tesla Model X Plaid Front View DrivingTesla

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