This is a first for Cadillac.

Enthusiasts rejoiced when Cadillac lifted the wraps off the new CT5-V Blackwing. With a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 rated at 668 hp and 659 lb-ft of torque, the CT5-V Blackwing is the most powerful production Cadillac ever made, which probably hasn’t gone unnoticed by its German rivals. Pricing starts at $83,995, and while the online configurator isn’t live yet, Cadillac recently confirmed to us that a fully loaded example will set you back over $125,000 if you tick all the options.

So far, Cadillac has only confirmed that carbon fiber packages will be available, but Brembo has announced the CT5-V will be available with a carbon-ceramic brake package providing superior stopping power. This will be the first time a Cadillac has ever been available with a carbon-ceramic braking system.



As standard, the CT5-V Blackwing is fitted with high-performance cast iron brakes. While the carbon ceramic brakes are similar in size with 15.7 x 1.5-inch front discs and 14.6 x 1.3 inch rear discs, they are significantly lighter. While the standard front discs weigh 36.6 inches, the carbon ceramic version only weighs 16.5 inches. Likewise, at the rear carbon ceramic brake discs weigh 12.8 pounds, around half the weight of the standard rear discs that weigh 24.5 pounds. In total, the ceramic brake package reduces the CT5-V’s weight by 63.6 pounds, which is a significant saving for a large luxury sedan. Unsprung weight savings on each corner will also improve the CT5-V Blackwing’s handling.

“We are excited to provide Cadillac with their first-ever carbon-ceramic brake package,” said Dan Sandberg, Brembo North America president and CEO. “This will be our fourth generation of brake systems stopping the Cadillac V-Series sedans, and it is certainly a highlight of our 15-year history with Cadillac.”


Rear Angle ViewCadillac

“The Brembo carbon ceramic brake package on the CT5-V Blackwing will save 28.8kg (63.5 lbs.), further heightening the athleticism of this super sedan. The unique, new Tech Bronze color of the large Brembo Calipers peering through the CT5-V’s wheels, accentuate the performance, sophistication and confident look of the CT5-V Blackwing. We even went so far as to etch the V-Series logo into the bell of the carbon disc.”

Brembo’s carbon-ceramic brake package features a six-piston monobloc aluminum caliper with radiated pistons on the front for “increased thermal dissipation”. In another first for Cadillac, all four of the brake calipers communicate to the ECU with electric pad wear sensors. Available colors include Tech Bronze, Edge Red, and Royal Blue. Brembo’s optional carbon-ceramic brake package will cost $9,000, so it’s easy to see how you can spend over $120,000 on the CT5-V when you start adding options.

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