It will be more advanced than ever.

Along with brands coming up with new logos to signify their commitment to the electrification of new vehicles, there have been numerous new infotainment systems debuting recently. Hyundai is partnering with Nvidia for its new system, the GMC Hummer will have a screen that runs a gaming-based code, and Mercedes launched an expansive new 56-inch Hyperscreen. Not to be outdone, BMW is launching the latest evolution of iDrive next week Monday, according to BMW Blog. But rather than just an updated version of the old Operating System 7.0, BMW is bringing back the iDrive name and debuting plenty of exciting new features, including AI integration.

This new system, simply called iDrive 8, will utilize a new display and will work differently to the current offering, although the retention of the iDrive rotary controller indicates that it won’t be difficult to learn. Maximizing visual impact will be a new curved display that will be able to pick up voice, touch, gesture, and iDrive controller inputs. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of that iDrive controller that early adopters hated but has become one of the best on the market. However, while BMW traditionally debuts new production-spec tech on the 7 Series, as it did with the iDrive system, the Munich-based marque is following worldwide trends, instead launching iDrive 8 on an electric car – just as Merc is doing with the Hyperscreen.

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Thus, it’ll first appear on the iX and i4 EVs, while the 7 Series and the facelifted 3 Series will get the system next year, with the rest of the range to join in later. But is it worth waiting for? Well, reports say that the system will “evolve in areas related to human interaction and artificial intelligence, making the whole user experience a natural and highly digitalized process.” The new system should therefore be more “intelligently connected” than ever before and will thus make its use safer, more comfortable and convenient, and richer in variety. All will be revealed in an online presentation on Monday the 15th.